Core Research Studies

Core Project I: Narrative Experience and Individual Differences in Wisdom
The Chicago Wisdom Reseach Project demonstrated that listening to language about loving oneself and others increased compassion.  

Core Project II: Varieties of Epistemic Humility and Wisdom

This project investigates the relationship between wisdom and epistemic humility, and examines how epistemic humility can be measured.

Core Project III: Epistemic Humility, Perspective, and Wise Action

This project investigates the role of epistemic humility in individual actions that involve practical wisdom and in interpersonal actions that require perspective taking.

Core Project IV: Exposure to a Multilingual Environment Fuels Wise Development 

Because language serves as a robust cure to social group membership, monitoring other's language usage may provide children with information about people's perspectives, social relationships, and communicative goals. 

Core Project V: Effects of Nature on Increasing Perseverance & Reflection for Wisdom

Previous research has shown that interacting with nature environments can benefit memory, attention, and mood. Does exposure to nature increase measured wisdom? 

Core Project VI: Wisdom as a Moderator of Stress Resilience and Stress Contagion

This project focuses on understanding the mechanisms by which some individuals flourish and persevere in the very circumstances that others find intolerable.  

Project VII: Reflection and Language in Wisdom - Making the Implicit Explicit

This project examines how the use of language to reflect on our experiences and thought processes affects decision-making and meta-cognition and contributes to wise reasoning.

Core Project VIII: Foundations of Economic Wisdom

This project investigates cost/time-effective interventions that can mitigate the endowment effect. 

  Center Collaborators

Essential Self Technology

Sponsored by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, Essential Self Technology is a project that will identify various forms and uses for ES Tech that aim to promote a culture of health. 

IBSS: The Impact of Foreign Languages on Problem Solving

This is an interdisciplinary study of language and society sponsored by the NSF's Interdisciplinary Behavioral Social Science Research (IBSS) program.  

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