AEPL 2008 Summer Conference: Reclaiming the Wisdom Tradition for Education

May 29 - June 1, 2008 in Monterey Bay, California

Since the Enlightenment, public systems of education have tended to focus on the efficient transmission of acquired knowledge. Consequently, the deeper aim of education—the evocation of wisdom in the human person—has suffered a temporary eclipse.

Wisdom is personal and compassionate. It is not content to exist within the defined, secure borders of knowledge, which limits itself to proofs and facts. It seeks access to the farther reaches of consciousness where hard lines dissolve, where minds grow and meet, hearts reach out, and the self and the universe begin to converge.

These times in which wisdom is so conspicuously lacking may well be ripe for re-centering people’s understanding of the most basic aims of our educational endeavors: for reclaiming the spiritual, humanistic, and philosophical heart of education, and for bringing the findings of science to bear on the expansion of consciousness and the deepening of communication. With these aims in mind, this conference has been designed to consider and further the possibility of broad-based, wisdom-centered education.

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