Defining wisdom: An unmarketable commodity

 This recent opinion piece offers a critique of the project of defining wisdom, along with some thoughts about wisdom in connection to Asian philosophies.

 "Wisdom doesn't cling. It knows when to commit and when to detach. It is wary of extremes, tries to reconcile the opposites of the real and ideal worlds, knows when to strike and when to hold back. Wisdom trusts in God but tethers its camel, praises the Lord but passes the ammunition. It is never surprised by anything that nature may inflict upon us, nor by anything that human beings may do. It knows that we are a flawed but promising species, somewhere on the long, hard road from ape to angel, labouring along that road by fits and starts, now leaping ahead, now falling back.

 "Rooted in the central truth that everything is transient, wisdom accepts impermanence like a Stoic and resolves to do the best it can with transient things for as long as life shall last."

Read the rest of the article here.

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