What Makes Us Wise?

By Julia Moulden | Huffington Post

"Is thinking about wisdom part of getting older?

Lately, I've been wondering what wisdom is. Here's how my dictionary defines it, "Understanding what is true, right, or lasting." I've been living with that definition to see if it seems, well, true, right, and lasting.

I also want to know what makes us wise. Is it something we can actively achieve? Or does it grow as a result of experiences well digested? Is it something, therefore, that comes with age? Or can the young be wise, too? Can you take a course? What's the best way to learn

And is wisdom a label we can attach to ourselves? Can we say - to anyone other than the mirror - with a straight face and no trace of hubris, "I am wise"? Or must others confer it?"

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Image from Flikr Creative Commons.

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