Justice, Wisdom and the Law School Curriculum

On the Legal Profession Blog, Jeff Lipshaw discusses the relationships of concepts like justice and wisdom to the practice and teaching of law. 

"There's a theory in cognitive science (Mark Turner's, primarily, but I have to continue reading to know how he and Gilles Fauconnier collaborate)* that what makes us uniquely human is the ability to take ideas from two influencing spaces and create new distinct meanings.  My dogs, for example, clearly see meaning in my putting on my boots and jacket at 6:00 a.m. (that "means" we are going for a walk), but, as far as I know, they aren't able to create metaphors from that influencing space into, say, poetry, or symbolism, or invention.  I, on the other hand, impart so much metaphorical meaning into a bunch of young men beating the crap out of themselves 800 miles from here this afternoon (Hail to the Victors!) that I will either be elated or depressed come about four o'clock.

"I want to juxtapose thoughts about justice from two widely separated spaces. ..."

Continue reading here. Also check out the comments section, where Lipshaw discusses the Defining Wisdom project.


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