Conference on Individual and Organizational Renewal in Albuquerque NM March 19-24, 2010

Founded on the Wisdom research of Elle Allison, Ph.D, Renewal Coaching is sponsoring a conference in Albuquerque NM on March 19-24 (come for two day increments of for all six days). The first two days (March 19-20) are for leaders at all levels who want to add coaching as an approach to their management style, and for professional coaches. The second two days (March 21-22) are for leaders who want to apply strategies for increasing individual and organizational renewal. Renewal is the antidote to organizational decline. Renewal creates sustainable change. The last two days (March 23-24) is for individuals who wish to become licensed Renewal Coaches. During this session, you will learn how to support others through the renewal coaching perspective (visit to inquire about licensing and to access other resources such as free webinars and the Renewal Coaching assessments). Elle is co-founder of Renewal Coaching, a global network of leaders at all levels and in all fields and licensed coaches who support other people to achieve their most important goals and create a greater good. For detailed agendas and a registration form, please visit or or call Elle directly at 505.235.0665.

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