How To Measure The Wisdom of a Crowd

by Jessica Marshall, Discovery News

The "intelligence" of a group can be measured, according to a new study, and it has little to do with the brain power of its individual members.

What makes a team more intelligent has more to do with the group's interactions. More equal participation and greater social sensitivity on the part of its members are the key factors in predicting a group's intelligence, according to the study, published online today by the journal Science.

The findings could eventually be useful in screening teams before choosing one to charge with an important task, the authors propose, or in testing strategies for improving groups' performance.

"It really calls into question our notion of what intelligence is," said study lead author Anita Williams Woolley of Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, Penn. "It's been thought about as something that resides in one person."

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Photo from Flickr Creative Commons

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