China Succeeds in Offering Wisdom Course to College Students

Drawing resources from its five thousand years of civilization, China has successfully offered a course on Wisdom stidues to college students and published the first wisdom study text book.

WISDOM: A COURSE BOOK FOR COLLEGE STUDENTS (Daxuesheng Zhihuixue in Chinese, publisher: Xiandai Jiaoyu Publishing House, Beijing, September 2009.ISBN: 978-7-80196-464-9) authored by brother scholars Qinglin Zhang (a Psychology professor ) and Qingsong Zhang a history Ph.D.) is a text book for a college course which aims at providing a comprehensive understanding of wisdom for college students. The course was designed with two purposes: let college students know the importance and benefits to put obtaining wisdom as their goal for college study and to teach students how to use wisdom to improve their learning so that they can have a higher goal for their college learning and in the meantime obtain new tools to handle their study and future life. 

The course: Leaning Wisdom in College, was first offered to college students in China's Xi Nan Daxue (Southwest University) in Chongqing. About 400 students selected the course in the first offering. Doctor Qingsong Zhang (Ph.D. in History, University of Virginia, 1994) was the co-developer of this course and first lecturer. The course was very succeccful. A survey revealed that about 95% of the students believed that new college students should take this course first and then take other courses related to their major.

The course has been taught three years in Chongqing. Now the brothers are planning to introduce it to Beijing's top universities in China.



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