The Eye of Wisdom

July 7, 2013


We all are used to understanding people with two eyes, one nose, one mouth, two ears. It seldom happens that anybody thinks about the ‘Third Eye’, which is also described as the ‘Eye Of Wisdom’ or ‘The Eye Of Soul’ or ‘The Invisible Eye’.

Our two physical eyes look out at the world and others as routine. They do not see the ‘me’, the ‘inner self’ or the ‘true reality’ of others. It is actually the ‘Third Eye’ which looks inward to realise these truths.

What we see from our eyes is closely knit with how we think. Hence, as we think, so is our nature (personality). When the Third Eye ‘opens up’, our thinking changes, light comes into our life and we see the ‘real’ self and ‘others’ with total clarity, with a newfound vision. Mercy, Truth and Love fill our thoughts and our vision.

There is a true feeling that everyone is good and very intimate with no duality. This light also helps us to clearly perceive what is going on around us, what is important and what we need to focus and do. It is like an inner spark illuminating within, where there was darkness with obscurity and blindness before.

Our life then becomes one of inspiring, of quality, of value and filled with mercy, love and truth.

In order to open the ‘Third Eye’, one needs to be a regular practitioner of meditation as it helps us to restore ourselves and understand the self more deeply. The experience of calmness and peace in meditation enables us to get back in touch with our original nature, which in turn enlightens ourself as well as others around us assisting in discrimination (right or wrong) and complete awareness of life with picture perfect foresight.

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