WISDOM RESEARCH AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO: Research Progress and New Online Resources

By Brenda Huskey, The University of Chicago

The Wisdom Research Network website has been recently updated to report on the progress of Wisdom Research at the University of Chicago, a three-year project supported by the John Templeton Foundation. Wisdom Research includes six research initiatives each led by University of Chicago faculty, in collaboration with scholars at other institutions.

Read more about the leadership, progress, and latest news on each initiative, and review a list of associated publications and resources for wisdom research at the links below:

PROJECT LEADERSHIP & COLLABORATIONS Meet the leadership team of Wisdom Research at the University of Chicago and the lead investigators at collaborating universities.

RESEARCH PROJECT PROGRESS Learn more about each of the six Wisdom Research projects and their progress to date.

NEWS & EVENTS Read the latest news on Wisdom Research at the University of Chicago, and learn more about past and upcoming events. We also have a highlight reel of an event held earlier this year! Click here to view the video: Wisdom Research Forum, March 2014

SUGGESTED READINGS & WISDOM RESEARCH OUTPUTS Find a list of suggested readings, including recent publications and educational resources produced by the Wisdom Research project. The suggested readings list is a compilation of references concerning wisdom from various disciplines. This literature review provides a solid foundation for exploring important conceptions of wisdom.

WISDOM TOOLS, MEASURES, & OTHER ONLINE RESOURCES Find a list of wisdom research methods, tools, and survey instruments as well as links to other online wisdom resources. Wisdom measurement tools include Ardelt's Three-Dimensional Wisdom Scale, Gl├╝ck et al.'s Brief Wisdom Screening Scale, and others. Other tasks and measures assess related constructs often viewed as subcomponents of wisdom, such as emotion regulation, compassion, prosociality, empathy, openness, and dealing with uncertainty and ambiguity.


Photo courtesy of Robert Kozloff/The University of Chicago.

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