Art of Aging: Elder Wisdom Circle (video)

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PHILADELPHIA -- Elder Wisdom Circle is a nationwide organization that connects young people with questions to seniors who try to help them solve their dilemmas.

The Doylestown chapter of Elder Wisdom Circle meets twice a month to read and respond to letters from the younger generation seeking advice.

In 9 years, they've answered more than 900 letters. The questions run the gamut.

Barbara Quigley, Elder Wisdom Circle of the Doylestown Chapter says, "Lot of conflict with planning careers, going to school, and roommate issues."

"And they come from people of all ages, all over the world practically," added Mary Kratz Kohler from the Elder Wisdom Circle.

For the letter writers, the seniors are like a surrogate grandparent safe zone for problem solving.

"Because grandma and grandpa listen. Mom and Dad might think oh my gosh this is the worse situation ever. And grandma and grandpa have been there and they've done it and they've seen it all," said Quigley.

Lorraine Murphy from the Circle says, "And they're willing to talk to you because they know you won't say anything, you won't tattle on them. So I think there is a connection."

It's a connection that benefits the seniors as much as the young people they're counseling.

Kohler adds, "It makes you feel useful because as you get older, you have less and less responsibility of the world.

"They have wisdom to share, or knowledge to share or life experience to pass on. So they get the opportunity to do that. And to feel that it goes somewhere needed, where it's needed," said Molly Sahner from the Elder Wisdom Circle.

The members of the Elder Wisdom Circle are all volunteers.

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