Watch 7- to 93-year-olds share life lessons (video)

By Dan MacLeod, Bangor Daily News

“Don’t listen to other people’s advice. Nobody knows what the hell they’re doing.”

That’s advice from a 93-year-old to someone two years younger. It’s part of this great video from Wiretap, a Canadian Broadcasting Corporation show that recently called it quits after 11 years.

The video features people from age 7 to 93 sharing advice with those younger than them specific to their age — a 7-year-old gives pithy advice to a 6-year-old (“training wheels are for babies, just let go already”), and an 8-year-old gives advice to a 7-year-old (“no matter what anyone says, stay weird.”)

The subjects share brief and important life lessons that are telling of their age. A 91-year-old woman tells someone three years younger to “cultivate younger friends. Otherwise, yours will all die off.” And a man in his 20s just says to back up your hard drive.

What have you learned at your age? Share advice in the comments.

Watch the video: MacLeod, D. (2015). Watch 7- to 93-year-olds share life lessons. Bangor Daily News.

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