Conversations on Wisdom: UnCut Interview with Monika Ardelt (video)

By Jean Matelski Boulware

Monika Ardelt, PhD is an Associate Professor of Sociology in the Department of Sociology and Criminology & Law at the University of Florida. She studies adult human development across the lifespan with particular emphasis on aging well and dying well. She has published numerous sociological papers with a major contribution to research in wisdom with the development of the Three Dimensional Wisdom Scale (3D-WS).

This following is the full video interview from the documentary film The Science of Wisdom. In this interview, Dr. Ardelt discusses how she came to study wisdom from the life span perspective, how life experiences may inform different paths to wisdom, and how the concept of wisdom may be influenced by context and culture.

Question Index:

0:23  Tell me about your research interests.

0:36  What led you from human development research to the study of wisdom?

5:57  Thinking about things from a lifespan perspective, are there specific types of experiences that would more likely lead to wisdom than other types of experiences?

9:13  Are there things that can be taught to youth to help develop wisdom?

11:34  How do you define wisdom?

15:17  In your opinion, is social media a benefit or a detriment to the development of wisdom?

18:50  What can wisdom research bring to the conversation on inequality and disparity in the United States?

24:31  Are there ways in which wisdom can be integrated into daily life?

31:35  Do you think there is a critical period for the development of wisdom?

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