Conversations on Wisdom: UnCut interview with Ursula M. Staudinger (video)

by Jason Boulware and Jean Matelski Boulware

Ursula M. Staudinger, PhD is a Robert N. Butler Professor of Sociomedical Sciences and Professor of Psychology. She is the director of the Columbia Aging Center at Columbia University. She is a lifespan psychologist and an internationally leading aging researcher. Her research interest lies in the plasticity of the aging process and its implications for demographic change. In light of a society of longer lives, Dr. Staudinger explores the potentials of aging and studies the interplay between productivity and aging as well as the development of life insight, life management, and wisdom over the life span. Her scientific research shows that the cognitive performance of adults can be increased and that positive personality development is possible well into old age.

In this interview, Dr. Staudinger discusses her continued work in aging, the foundations of her work in wisdom research with the Berlin Wisdom Paradigm, and temporarily setting aside well-being to make gains in wisdom.

Question Index:

0:21 What type of work do you do at the Columbia Aging Center?

1:18 How do you go about bringing your research into the public sector?

3:40 What motivated you to embark upon wisdom research?

8:00 How do you define wisdom and by what criteria do you measure it? Can you briefly explain the Berlin Wisdom Paradigm?

14:09 Are there factors that we might be able to bolster to make gains in wisdom across the lifespan?

18:45 If one has to set aside momentary well-being to gain wisdom, would you expect someone who scores high on a well-being measure to score well on a wisdom measure?

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