Conversations on Wisdom: UnCut Interview with Valerie Tiberius (video)

by Jason Boulware and Jean Matelski Boulware

Valerie Tiberius, PhD is a Professor and Chair of the Department of Philosophy at the University of Minnesota. Her current work focuses on practical ways in which philosophy and psychology contribute to the study of well-being and virtue. Her most recent book, Moral Psychology: A Contemporary Introduction, aims to bring together philosophical and empirical approaches to questions in moral psychology.

In this interview, Dr. Tiberius discusses her definition of practical wisdom, practices for wise judgment, and epistemic humility in terms of her own life experience and perspective.

Question index:

0:22 In your 2011 paper titled ‘Wisdom Revisited’, how did you define practical wisdom?

4:03 In your paper ‘Constructivism and Wise Judgment’, you note four components of folk wisdom. What are those components?

5:03 Thinking about the individual, do you think there are ways that an individual could develop skills to weave down a pathway to wise judgment?

9:40 Do you think that if enough people practiced these sorts of wisdom based-thinking skills that there could be a shift in society?

10:39 When we think about wisdom, we typically think about individuals having wisdom. Are there concepts that might be bolstered in groups of people to push wisdom or wise judgment at a societal level?

13:14 Is there any one experience that you might feel comfortable sharing that has led you to being able to make more wise judgments or brought you down the path to being wiser?

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