TedMed Talk: Dilip Jeste on Seeking Wisdom in Graying Matter


Watch the latest TedMed2016 talk with Dr. Dilip Jeste as he answers the following questions:

How do we define wisdom?

Where in the brain is wisdom located?

Does wisdom increase with aging and for what purpose?

How can an aging brain allow for growth of wisdom?

Dilip Jeste is a renowned geriatric neuropsychiatrist specializing in wisdom and other positive attributes of the aging brain. He holds several distinguished teaching and research titles at the University of California, San Diego, where he helped develop one of the largest geriatric psychiatry divisions in the world. While serving as President of the American Psychiatric Association, Dilip spearheaded the process of finalization, approval, and publication of the latest edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-V), often called the ”Bible of Psychiatry.” He is the director of the newly launched UCSD Center for Healthy Aging and has published 12 books including Positive Psychiatry. He loves doing empirical clinical and biological research on fuzzy concepts such as wisdom, successful aging, and decision making capacity.

Watch the talk: Jeste, D. (2015, November). Seeking wisdom in graying matter [video]. TedMed2016. Retrieved from http://tedmed.com/talks

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