'ON WISDOM' podcast goes live May 2018 (Igor Grossmann & Charles Cassidy)

by Igor Grossmann & Charles Cassidy

The On Wisdom podcast features a social-cognitive scientist in Toronto and an educator in London discussing the latest empirical science regarding the nature of wisdom.

Igor Grossmann runs the Wisdom & Culture Lab at the University of Waterloo in Canada. Charles Cassidy runs the Evidence-Based Wisdom project in London, UK.

The podcast thrives on a diet of freewheeling conversation on wisdom and decision-making and includes regular guest spots with leading behavioural scientists from the field of wisdom research and beyond.

Click here to visit the On Wisdom Podcast site.

The first 3 episodes are available:

Episode 1: Wisdom vs Intelligence

Episode 2: The Paradox of Ageing

Episode 3: On Death (with Laura Blackie)

If you have any thoughts about the On Wisdom podcast, you can contact Charles Cassidy at charles@evidencebasedwisdom.com, via the about page or on twitter @EBasedwisdom. You can also contact him through the On Wisdom site here.

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