Wisdom and Learning at the Finnish Institute for Educational Research

Over the last two years, the Finnish Institute for Educational Research has focused part of its efforts on understanding wisdom in adults with a multidisciplinary team of researchers from developmental psychology, philosophy, information technology, education, history of education, and university pedagogy. The team, led by Eeva K. Kallio, has been awarded funding across numerous projects and published an assortment of journal articles in fields connected, for example, to postformal relativistic thinking (cognitive component of wisdom).

Their work was recently highlighted in Finnish Broadcasting Company's news UUTISET. They note that wisdom, which they consider a rare aspect of personality, can be traced back to childhood and is separate from intelligence. The work emphasizes wise decision making paired with wise action. The team works with international collaborators including Monika Ardelt (author of the three dimensional wisdom scale), Stephen Kemmis, and Ricca Edmondson.

To find out more about their research and publications, visit the Wisdom and Learning page.

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