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  • Does Age Really Bring Wisdom?

    By Josh Tapper, Guelph Mercury News August 10, 2010 Although adults older than 65 face challenges to body and brain, the 70s and 80s also bring an abundance of social and emotional knowledge, qualities scientists are beginning to define as wisdom. As Carstensen and another social psychologist, Fredda...
     Posted by: Anna Gomberg
  • Can People Become Experts without the Experience?

    By Charles Q. Choi "The dozen students and scientists spread over an area called Furnace Creek looked like cyborgs in floppy hats scrabbling over the boulders. Before hammering chips off rocks, they inspected them with magnifying lenses held up next to eyeglasses sporting miniature cameras and infrared...
     Posted by: A. J. Stasic
  • Agatha Christie and Nuns Tell a Tale of Alzheimer's

    By Jad Abumrad and Robert Krulwich , npr.org "If you've ever kept a journal, you've probably worried about someone coming across it and getting an uninvited peek into your personal life. But the daily traces we leave behind in our writings – more and more in today's world of emails,...
     Posted by: Anna Gomberg
  • Elder Wisdom

    by Caroline Bassett, The Wisdom Institute "Recently, on a trip East from my home in Minnesota, my sister and I visited a 101-year-old friend of the family, an exemplar of elder wisdom, who lives in rural Massachusetts. Aunt Jane, as we called her (not her real name and some details have been changed...
     Posted by: wattawa
  • Itineraries Issue on Wisdom

    The fall, 2009 issue of Itineraries is titled "The Harvest of Wisdom" and focuses on elder wisdom. Table of Contents Caroline Bassett Elder Wisdom Drew Leder The Tao of Longevity Margaret Owen Thorpe Bird Wisdom Robert C. Atchley Serving from Spirit Jane F. Gilgun The Yellow Brick Road of Not...
     Posted by: wattawa
  • Wisdom is one virtue that improves with age

    By Val Farmer | INFORUM "There is one quality that improves with age. That quality happens to be a wonderful virtue. It is wisdom. Wisdom encompasses other virtues. Wisdom incorporates other virtues that are essential to happiness. A wise person will have embraced principles of love, service and...
     Posted by: A. J. Stasic
  • 'How to Live' by Henry Alford

    The Los Angeles Times recently printed an article about How to Live , by Henry Alford, a comedian who set out to write a book about wisdom. "Nothing distresses one of my friends more than hearing that someone has died short of their 70th birthday and Psalm 90's promise of three score and 10...
     Posted by: admin
  • Wisdom: 50 Unique and Original Portraits

    by Andrew Zuckerman "Inspired by the idea that wisdom is the greatest gift one generation can give to another, award-winning photographer and filmmaker Andrew Zuckerman interviewed, photographed and filmed 50 of the world's great writers, actors, artists, designers, politicians, musicians and...
     Posted by: wattawa
  • Older Brain Really May Be a Wiser Brain

    Older Brain Really May Be a Wiser Brain The New York Times By SARA REISTAD-LONG Published: May 20, 2008 When older people can no longer remember names at a cocktail party, they tend to think that their brainpower is declining. But a growing number of studies suggest that this assumption is often wrong...
     Posted by: brendah
  • The Older-and-Wiser Hypothesis

    The Older-and-Wiser Hypothesis The New York Times By STEPHEN S. HALL Published: May 6, 2007 In 1950, the psychoanalyst Erik H. Erikson, in a famous treatise on the phases of life development, identified wisdom as a likely, but not inevitable, byproduct of growing older. Wisdom arose, he suggested, during...
     Posted by: brendah
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