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  • The Wisdom of Collaboration

    by Mark Moring, Orbiter Don’t tell science and religion they shouldn’t be meeting like this. At least, don’t tell Agustín Fuentes and Celia Deane-Drummond, an anthropologist and theologian, respectively, at the University of Notre Dame. Because they’ll just brush that notion aside and forge ahead with...
     Posted by: jlmatelski
  • Buddhism and the Brain

    By David Weisman, Seed magazine Over the last few decades many Buddhists and quite a few neuroscientists have examined Buddhism and neuroscience, with both groups reporting overlap. I’m sorry to say I have been privately dismissive. One hears this sort of thing all the time, from any religion, and I...
     Posted by: Anna Gomberg
  • Many Faiths, One Truth

    By Tenzin Gyatso from The New York Times "Such tensions are likely to increase as the world becomes more interconnected and cultures, peoples and religions become ever more entwined. The pressure this creates tests more than our tolerance — it demands that we promote peaceful coexistence and understanding...
     Posted by: Cait
  • Why Do We Believe?

    by David Munger from Seed Magazine "Medical writer Tom Rees devotes his blog Epiphenom to the scientific study of religion. Last week he examined a study on the relationship between intelligence and religious belief. Published in Social Psychology Quarterly , this study by Satoshi Kanazawa replicated...
     Posted by: nick stock
  • Faith, hope and clarity

    By Sholto Byrnes from NewStatesman. "The rate of HIV infection in Kenya is one of the highest in the world, but safer sex is at last being adopted – and it is religious groups that are leading the way, in a new spirit of openness and acceptance. An example of this is how the Channels of Hope-trained...
     Posted by: Cait
  • The Lost Wisdom of the Three Wise Men

    by Umberto Eco in The New York Times "Almost by chance I recently happened to witness two similar scenes: a 15-year-old girl who was engrossed in a book of art reproductions, and two 15-year-old boys who were enthralled to be visiting the Louvre. The parents of all three were nonbelievers and the...
     Posted by: wattawa
  • Naked Strong Evaluation

    By Andrew Koppelman Commentary on A Secular Age by Charles Taylor RELIGIOUS FAITH today is one option among others. Many people—call them secularists—live without any transcendent source of value. Some, but not all, are militant atheists. A millennium ago, this would have been unimaginable. Everyone...
     Posted by: wattawa
  • Religion and the Public Sphere

    by Jürgen Habermas & Paolo Flores d'Arcais in The Utopian. "The Utopian is very proud to present this fascinating debate between Jürgen Habermas and Paolo Flores d'Arcais, making Habermas' response to d'Arcais - in which he argues for religion's role in the public sphere...
     Posted by: wattawa
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