Mental Attention, Consciousness, and the Progressive Emergence of Wisdom

Pascual-Leone, J. (2000). Mental attention, consciousness, and the progressive emergence of wisdom. Journal of Adult Development. 7(4): 241-254.

Mental-attentional mechanisms of consciousness, meditation, and the emergence of wisdom are discussed. A developmental (neo-Piagetian), dynamic flash-light model of mental attention is used. The initial stages of consciousness in infancy are modeled, showing that the growth of consciousness is influenced by the number of schemes that attention can coordinate. Ordinary consciousness in adults and the stages/levels of adult development in consciousness are discussed. Wisdom is defined as an expectable but often missed outcome of adult development. To accelerate access to wisdom, two complementary paths are mentioned: a natural life-experience path and a meditation path. Maturational organismic factors and the role of mental attentional mechanisms in these two paths are discussed, and a constructivist neuropsychological model of what happens in the brain during meditation, and in higher consciousness, is sketched. Processes involved in higher stages of consciousness are then examined from this perspective.

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