Conceptions of Wisdom among Taiwanese Chinese

Yang, Shih-Ying. (2001). Conceptions of Wisdom among Taiwanese Chinese. Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology. November 2001 vol. 32 no. 6 662-680.

Abstract: To fully understand wisdom, culture must be taken into account. Several previous studies have shown that people in diverse cultures define wisdom differently. Two studies investigated the concept of wisdom in Taiwanese Chinese culture through examination of implicit theories of wisdom. In study 1, a master list of the behavioral attributes of a wise person was compiled from the responses of 296 adult participants. Another group of adult participants (N = 616) was asked to rate this master list for wisdom in study 2. The ratings were factor analyzed. Results show that Taiwanese Chinese have well-formed conceptions of wisdom consisting of four factors: competencies and knowledge, benevolence and compassion, openness and profundity, and modesty and unobtrusiveness. A tentative definition of wisdom is proposed according to these findings.

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