Time, Story, and Wisdom: Emerging Themes in Narrative Gerontology

Randall, W.L. & Kenyon, G.M. (2004). Time, story, and wisdom: Emerging themes in narrative gerontology. Canadian Journal on Aging. 23(4): 333-346.

Narrative approaches in the field of aging are receiving increasing attention by theorists and practitioners alike. This article draws on recent thinking in narrative gerontology to look at three aspects of aging on which a narrative perspective can shed further light. In relation to the temporal aspects, the notion of storytime is examined. Concerning its poetical aspects, the article considers the stages, styles, genres, contexts, and selves of self-storying. Under spiritual aspects, the topics of meaning and identity are explored. A discussion of these aspects may be seen to converge on the theme of wisdom and the possibility of wisdom environments.

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