Measuring the Character Strength of Wisdom

Webster, J.D. (2007). International Journal of Aging & Human Development. 65(2): 163-183.

This study examined the psychosocial correlates and psychometric properties of the Self-Assessed Wisdom Scale (SAWS) (Webster, 2003 a). Seventy-three men and 98 women ranging in age from 17-92 years (Mean age = 42.77) completed an expanded, 40-item version of the SAWS, the Loyola Generativity Scale, and the Experiences in Close Relationships Scale. A new definition of wisdom is provided which is operationalized with the SAWS. Results indicated that the SAWS has excellent reliability (test-retest =.838; Cronbacb's Alpha =.904). Exploratory and Confirmatory Factor analyses confirmed the five hypothesized dimensions of wisdom and the total SAWS score correlated in predicted directions with gencrativity (r(169) =.448; p <.0 1) and attachment avoidance (r(169) = -.239, p <.0 1) demonstrating construct validity.

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