Becoming wise: a psycho-gerontological interpretation of the Book of Job.

Achenbaum WA, Orwoll L. Int J Aging Hum Dev. 1991;32(1):21-39.

The Book of Job, a prototypical "wisdom" text from the fifth or sixth century B.C.E., powerfully articulates a good man's struggle to understand unexpected misfortune. In coming to terms with his suffering and gaining understanding of his place in the universe, Job demonstrates the complex, dynamic yet integrative nature of growing wise. Drawing on our synthetic model of wisdom, we claim wisdom occurs in personality, cognition, and conation that transforms intrapersonal, interpersonal, and transpersonal experience. We discuss gender-specific obstacles that Job overcomes in attaining wisdom by analyzing modern interpretations of the text, which underscore its perdurance in a post-modern

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