How Can Life of Value Best Flourish in the Real World?

Nicholas Maxwell (2009) How Can Life of Value Best Flourish in the Real World?, in McHenry, L, (ed.) Science and the Pursuit of Wisdom: Studies in the Philosophy of Nicholas Maxwell, pp. 1-56, Ontos Verlag, Frankfurt Available online at

In this essay I outline my work in philosophy during the last forty years. I explain how my work has sought to help solve two fundamental problems, namely: Problem 1: How can we understand our human world, embedded as it is within the physical universe, in such a way that justice is done both to the richness, meaning and value of human life on the one hand, and to what modern science tells us about the physical universe on the other hand? Problem 2: What ought to be the overall aims and methods of science, and of academic inquiry more generally, granted that the basic task is to help humanity achieve what is of value – a wiser, more civilized world – by cooperatively rational means (it being assumed that knowledge and understanding can be of value in themselves and form a part of civilized life)? I also discuss work I have done on developing a testable, micro realistic version of quantum theory that solves the wave/particle problem.

(My publication)Posted:May 31 2009, 06:00 PM by NickMaxwell
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