"From Promised Land to Reconciled Cosmos: Paul's Translation of 'Worldview,' 'Worldstory,' and 'Worldperson'"

In The Gospel and the Land of Promise: Christian Approaches to the Land of the Bible, New York: Wipf & Stock Publishers

Although in a selection of biblical and theological essays, my contribution is on Paul as a major contributor to the subsequent shape of western thought and society. The central puzzle of Paul's life is how this zealous Pharisee obsessed with land, city and temple never refers to them again (or only neutrally / negatively) in his subsequent career as the apostle. Having traced how this happened, I move on to the implications. In p[articular, the irony that Paul becomes arguably the first translator of a worldview out of its original cultural soil, and thus plays the pivotal role that leads in time to the ideas of culture, and personal and social transformation.

(My publication)Posted:Mar 31 2011, 08:00 AM by Mark
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