The Power of Predictive Wisdom: Making Precision Predictions in an Uncertain World

Stock Market Randomness Theory under Serious Challenge A Synopsis of The Power of Predictive Wisdom: Making Precision Predictions in an Uncertain World by Dr. Qingsong Zhang, PhD A conventional wisdom in the financial world claims that the stock market is governed by laws of uncertainty and randomness and is therefore inevitably unpredictable. This long held doctrine however is now facing a serious challenge from a new book entitled “The Power of Predictive Wisdom: Making Precision predictions in an Uncertain World” written by historian and wisdom studies scholar Qingsong Zhang. The book is originally written in Chinese and has been translated into English by the author. It is intended to be published in 2012 both in Chinese and English. It is a semi-autobiography semi-academic book. The author documents the author’s life-long pursuit for understanding the nature of the highest state of human wisdom and his strenuous effort to experiment making precision predictions in stock options in order to set a life example to demonstrate the power of human wisdom. Dr. Zhang argues in the book that despite the existence of uncertainties and randomness influences, it is still possible to make predictions in the stock market. He argues that previous belief in stock market unpredictability is deeply rooted in a weakness of Western civilization which lacks a tradition of prediction research and sophisticated prediction theories. He claims that due to its methodological constraints, the overly reliance on scientific analysis is not the way to overcome the negative influences of uncertainties and the law of randomness and this task could only be done with the help of predictive wisdom. To establish a model example of successful predictions of stock market movements, Dr. Zhang conducted an experiment in 1998-2000 in which he made hundreds of stock option trades. Under the guidance of predictive wisdom theories, he found a way (the Z Model) to beat stock market fluctuations and established a set of record of stock market predictions with such an unbelievably high accuracy and efficiency that has never been demonstrated before. Dr. Zhang is a trained historian who got all of his degrees on history from Nanjing University (1978-1982) and the University of Virginia (PhD 1994). His life-long interest however is not on writing history, but on extracting wisdom theories from historical literatures. He created the first “Wisdom Studies” course in China’s Southwest University in 2006 and published a text book Learning Wisdom in College in 2009. In terms of contributions to the field of wisdom studies, the value of Dr. Zhang's new book is its openning of a new research direction to examine the relationship between prediction and human wisdom. Dr. Zhang indicated in the book that it is only the beginning of a series of books on this topic.

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    The Chinese version just been published on Amazon (Kindle version).

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