Can Consumers Be Wise? Aristotle Speaks to the 21st Century

Mick, D.G. & Schwartz, B. (2012). "Can Consumers Be Wise? Aristotle Speaks to the 21st Century," in Mick et al., editors, Transformative Consumer Research for Personal and Collective Well-Being, Taylor & Francis/Routledge, 663-680.

Excerpt: What does it mean to be a wise consumer? We suspect that for most people, wise in this context means shrewd; that is, someone who is not taken in by marketing hype, who negotiates good deals, and who gets what he or she wants. In this chapter, we seek to develop a much needed and richer understanding of the wise consumer....

Research on practical wisdom is just the beginning, and the potential topics are many and varied. One approach would be the study of specific consumer behaviors in everyday settings and learning from the ground up how consumers evoke or do not evoke practical wisdom. Important areas include product safety and maintenance, parenting young consumers, disposing of hazardous materials, finding and using product information online and buying online, knowing when and how to use consumer credit, and so forth. Such studies can be used to compare and interpret actual consumer tactics in terms of wisdom theory and research, for the purpose of expanding knowledge about wisdom as well as consumer behavior...

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