Oxford Studies in Metaethics Volume 7

Shafer-Landau, R. (editor). (2012). Oxford Studies in Metaethics Volume 7: Oxford University Press.


Oxford Studies in Metaethics is the only publication devoted exclusively to original philosophical work in the foundations of ethics. It provides an annual selection of much of the best new scholarship being done in the field. Its broad purview includes work being done at the intersections of ethical theory with metaphysics, epistemology, philosophy of language, and philosophy of mind. The essays included in the series provide an excellent basis for understanding recent developments in the field; those who would like to acquaint themselves with the current state of play in metaethics would do well to start here.


Book Chapters:

1. Experiments, Intuitions, and Methodology in Moral and Political Theory , David Copp

2. Laws of Nature, Laws of Freedom, and the Social Construction of Normativity , Kenneth Walden

3. Mental Agency and Metaethics , Matthew Evans and Nishi Shah

4. Elusive Reasons , Sean McKeever and Michael Ridge

5. Rationality, Normativity and Commitment , Jacob Ross

6. Open-Mindedness and Normative Contingency , Valerie Tiberius

7. Ethical Nonnaturalism and Supervenience , Tristram McPherson

8. Thick Concepts: Where's Evaluation? , Pekka Vayrynen

9. Contextualist Solutions to Three Puzzles about Practical Conditionals , Janice Dowell

10. On the Meaning of 'Ought' , Matthew Chrisman

11. Bipolar Obligation , Stephen Darwall

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