Coaching With Compassion: Inspiring Health, Well-Being, and Development in Organizations

Richard E. Boyatzis, Melvin L. Smith, and 'Alim J. Beveridge. (2012). Coaching With Compassion: Inspiring Health, Well-Being, and Development in Organizations. Journal of Applied Behavioral Science published 1 November 2012, 10.1177/0021886312462236

Abstract: Compassion involves noticing another’s need, empathizing, and acting to enhance their well-being. In response to another’s pain, the motivation is to increase hedonic well-being or the absence of pain. In response to another’s desire to grow, the motivation is to increase eudaimonic well-being or helping them develop. We argue that compassion includes both. Our expanded view suggests that coaching with compassion will lead to desired change, enhanced health, and well-being. We propose a model saying coaching with compassion invokes a psychophysiological state that enables a person to be open to new possibilities and learning. In contrast, coaching for compliance (i.e., toward how the coach or the organization believe the person should act) and deficiency-based coaching invoke the opposite state—resulting in a person being defensive, reducing cognitive functioning. We theorize how coaching with compassion can enhance adaptability of the organization through creating norms and relationships of caring and development.

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