From knowledge to wisdom

Nicholas Maxwell (2009) From knowledge to wisdom, in Cayley, D, (ed.) Ideas on the Nature of Science, pp. 360-378, Goose Lane Edictions, New Brunswick, Canada. See

There are these two absolutely basic problems: to learn about the universe and ourselves as a part of the universe, and to learn how to create a civilized world. Essentially, we have solved the first problem. We solved it when we created modern science. That is not to say that we know everything that is to be known, but we created a method for improving our knowledge about the world. But we haven't solved the second problem. And to solve the first problem without solving the second problem is very, very dangerous. The crisis is this: the crisis of having science without civlization.  We urgently need to develop a new, more rigorous kind of inquiry rationally devoted to helping humanity create a wiser, more civilized world.

(My publication)Posted:May 31 2009, 06:00 PM by NickMaxwell
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