Tools of the trade: Theory and method in mindfulness neuroscience

Tang, Y-Y. & Posner, M. I. (2013). Tools of the trade: Theory and method in mindfulness neuroscience. Soc Cogn Affect Neurosci (2013) 8 (1): 118-120. doi: 10.1093/scan/nss112.

Abstract: Mindfulness neuroscience is an emerging research field that investigates the underlying mechanisms of different mindfulness practices, different stages and different states of practice as well as different effects of practice over the lifespan. Mindfulness neuroscience research integrates theory and methods from eastern contemplative traditions, western psychology and neuroscience, and from neuroimaging techniques, physiological measures and behavioral tests. We here review several key theoretical and methodological challenges in the empirical study of mindfulness neuroscience and provide suggestions for overcoming these challenges.

This special issue illustrates the diverse strategies for training mindfulness currently being used. These different strategies derive from ancient Hindu, Buddhist and Chinese contemplative and medical traditions as well as from modern adaptations developed mainly in the United States and Europe. These various strategies have in common the goal of being in a state of heightened but restful awareness of what is occurring within the phenomenological field that goes beyond conceptual and emotional classifications of what is characterized by increased acceptance of whatever is experienced and reduced mental judgments and ruminations. The different strategies and thought build, over time, a common brain state of mindfulness that can be beneficial to attention, emotion, performance, stress reduction and well-being.

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Photo courtesy of Flickr Creative Commons: MRI Scans of Brain of Novice Meditator with Pain - Signs of pain disappeared from MRI images of the brain when freshly trained novices meditated. (Source: Robert Coghill/Wake Forest University School of Medicine)

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