A Handbook of Practical Wisdom Leadership, Organization and Integral Business Practice

Küpers, W. and Pauleen, D. (August 2013). A Handbook of Practical Wisdom Leadership, Organization and Integral Business Practice. United Kingdom: Ashgate Publishing Limited.

Edited by Wendelin Küpers and David Pauleen, both at the School of Management, Massey University, Albany, New Zealand

Throughout history, wisdom has been exalted in many cultures as a resource and has become increasingly important for dealing with the challenges of current complex business contexts. The contributions in A Handbook of Practical Wisdom combine to deliver an integral and practical understanding of wisdom from a multi and trans-disciplinary perspective.

Organizational scholars have begun to identify and to explore the potential relevance of wisdom for existing streams of research. There are many interesting possibilities for further investigations on wisdom and exploring them would benefit from cross-disciplinary synergy. However, the editors and contributors to this book are of the view that despite discussion having shifted from talk of data to information to knowledge management, latent assumptions about the individual and the individual mind still hold sway.

Integral Wisdom is the capacity for reflective attention (mindfulness), recognizing patterns (envisioning) and meaning (sensemaking), and discerning judgment, leading to creative use of knowledge (or ways of knowing) and creative responses to individual, organisational and social challenges. Practical wisdom amounts to a situational practical knowledge of how to apply general principles, generic tools, or wide-scale evaluation of information in particular contexts. Wisdom and a practically wise leadership or business practice provides much-needed integral understanding and provides a conceptual framework that can guide the transformation of business organisations to become more responsible, sustainable and innovative.

The chapters in this handbook, by well-known academic researchers and practitioners, delve deeply and broadly into the potential for wisdom in organisational and managerial life in a way that management students, academics and practitioners will find is both practical and theoretically sound. The content is in three parts. The first part serves to explain and define integral practical wisdom in detail. The second part describes the application of practical wisdom in organisational and managerial contexts. The third part is more about exploration, experimentation and innovation.


About the Editors: Dr Wendelin Küpers is an Associate Professor at the School of Management, Massey University, Albany, New Zealand and Dr David Pauleen is Associate Professor of Business Information Systems in the same School. Wendelin Küpers worked for several years in the business world before becoming affiliated with different universities in Europe. He teaches in the areas of management, organisation studies and research methodology. In his phenomenological and interdisciplinary research he explores an integral and processual understanding of leadership and organisation. Especially he focusing on embodied, emotional and aesthetic dimensions and practices in organisational life-worlds. Dr Küpers has authored various books and journal articles, is involved in editorial and review activities and serves as conference co-convenor at leading conferences in his field.

David J. Pauleen (BA, MA, PhD) has edited several books, among them Virtual Teams: Projects, Protocols and Processes (2004); Cross-Cultural Perspectives on Knowledge Management (2007); and Personal Knowledge Management (2011). His work has appeared in such journals as the Journal of Management Information Systems, Sloan Management Review, Journal of Global Information Management, and Internet Research: Electronic Networking Applications and Policy, among others. Dr Pauleen is Associate Editor of Online Information Review and on the editorial boards of four journals. He teaches knowledge management and other topics at Massey and is Chair of the School of Management's PhD Committee.

Source: Gower Publishing

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