Creative Power of Metaphorical Expression

Sharoff, L. (2013). Creative Power of Metaphorical Expression. Journal of Holist Nursing, 31(1): 6-18. doi: 10.1177/0898010112461948

Abstract: Gathering metaphors of holistic nurses provides for an exploration of how that metaphor is captured in real-life experiences. Metaphors are a way of describing an experience or a perceived notion as a personal expression of thought. The metaphoric understanding of what practicing as a holistic nurse means is discussed with reference to the personal, emotional, and spiritual component of being a holistic nurse. Capturing the superfluity and vividness of these beautiful expressions embedded in participants’ metaphors produced insight and a deeper apprehension of the connectedness in nursing. This study used a qualitative exploratory approach to collect data from 75 holistic nurses. Data were collected using participants’ own expression of the metaphor of holistic nursing and correlating critical incident reports of how that metaphor was expressed in practice. Metaphors were not analyzed but correlated by themes. The critical incident reports were analyzed to uncover and isolate key aspects of commonalities. The results capture the abundance and diversity of metaphorical expressions embedded in participants’ metaphors produced insight and a deeper appreciation of the connectedness in nursing.

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(Something interesting I found)Posted:Feb 01 2013, 12:00 AM by brendah
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