Constructive Recollection THESIS

We all live in the same world and we all have our trust, expectations, presumptions, predictions, beliefs and intentions. They might even be wrapped up in a theory or a model that we can try and value, intuit and realize or know and sense, in our own mind or interactively. Constructive recollection is one such theory and model. And it is about, but not restricted to, the above. Politics and ethics are derived from it, as they both drive or could drive the (attention) economy. Their difference is what is True and Good versus what is not. Bergson's "duality of origin" brings in the critical factor of independent confirmation, as it can be found in realms such as science, justice and journalism. My thesis is the basis for my other papers. Location: at, for only there the (14) figures are rendered correctly.

(My publication)Posted:Jan 31 2013, 05:00 PM by Ron C. de Weijze
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