The Language of Human Character

Fager, M.G. (2013). The Language of Human Character. Human Progress: Farmington, Utah.

Book Description: Hardcover release date 22 April 2013. It is virtuous to be wise and wise to be virtuous.  The Language of Human Character is a reference book, textbook and workbook in one. It contains "The Human Character Dictionary," a definitive record of the language of human character with more than 27,000 definitions of virtues, vices and other human characteristics that represent the character fruits of all human thoughts, beliefs and values. This book is for those who can use enlightened reason and can safely examine vice to better understand and build virtue. This book is for those who want to "Know what's best!™"

(My publication)Posted:Apr 01 2013, 12:00 AM by HPLCCEO
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