The Leap Year Project: Learning to Risk & Risking to Learn

Saad, V. (2013). The Leap Year Project: Learning to Risk & Risking to Learn.

This adventure started with a single deep-seated desire to make a difference. It was this desire that hooked Victor Saad on pursuing a business degree around social enterprise. Yet as he researched MBA options, he wondered if business school was the most effective way to learn. Believing there had to be a better way, Victor decided to take the biggest leap of his life, quitting his job to design and pursue a self-made education; 12 experiences in 12 months, all centered around design, business development, and social innovation.

Along the way, Victor realized he didn't want to leap alone, and began challenging others with one driving question, What risk would you take to change your life, your community, or your world for the better?

As people from all over the world stumbled across the project, accepted the challenge, and shared their stories, a community of Leapers began to develop. While each individual's leap was unique, there existed a common bond of taking risks to learn and attempt great things.

Each chapter contains a piece of Victor's story: a glimpse into his educational experience for that month, followed by hopeful, daring, and genuine stories of Leapers from around the world.

This book is meant to be a companion on your journey, a tool for the moments when you are facing a problem, dreaming about the future, or simply on the brink of something great. May it push you to see the need for change and show you that we learn our most valuable lessons when our hopes surpass our fears.

Buy the book:  Saad, V. (2013). The Leap Year Project: Learning to Risk & Risking to Learn.

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