Warrior for Climate Science and Awareness: Stephen Schneider

Sarah Jo Chadwick, Carrie Armel, Terry Root and David Crookall. (2013). Warrior for Climate Science and Awareness: Stephen Schneider. Simulation Gaming 2013 44: 189 originally published online 14 July 2013.

Abstract: This tribute outlines some of the major contributions that Stephen H. Schneider made to climate change science and to communication about that science to help a broader audience understand it in an educated manner, and realize that urgent decisions are needed, even with incomplete information. We highlight some of the awards and honors that Dr. Schneider received, and quote from a few already published tributes. We cite some of his publications and provide further sources for readers to learn more about climate science and about Dr. Schneider.

Read the tribute.

(Something interesting I found)Posted:Sep 01 2013, 12:00 AM by brendah
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