"Katabasis in the Setting of Plato's Symposium Revisited" (Parts 1 to 3)

Anamnesis: A Journal for the Study of Tradition, Place, and Things Divine. http://anamnesisjournal.com/2014/01/katabasis-setting-platos-symposium-revisited-part-1/

This article revisits a strand of Plato scholarship on the nature of wisdom's pursuit that began ten years ago. In the original 2004 article by this author, attention was drawn to how "descent" or katabasis imagery is replete throughout the drama of Plato's Symposium, whereas "ascent" (anairesis) imagery dominates the dialogue's conversational element and its speeches. The current article provides further defense of the original position laid out, and defends the proposition that katabasis and anairesis are of equivalent stature and importance in wisdom's pursuit, over against other scholarly views that katabasis must be a subordinate practice.

(My publication)Posted:Jan 01 2014, 12:00 AM by sdsteel
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