The role of Reflection of Difficult life Experiences on Wisdom


The goal of this research was to find out the role of reflection of difficult life experience towards wisdom attainment. It consisted of four stages, by using questionnaires and interviews. The questionnaires used were Wise Person Characteristic, Wisdom,Reflection, Reflection Strategy, and Difficult Life Experience Questionnaire. The participants consisted of 29 nominators, 30 nominees (18 wisdom nominees and 12 less-nominated), and 110 laypersons. Results revealed that the reflection of difficult life experience has signifi cant role in achieving one’s wisdom. Wisdom and reflection increase with age on people nominated as wise. As well as lay persons who got high score on the questionnaires. People nominated as wise used self-distanced reflection strategy, showed positive characteristics, do self-refl ection, be grateful, supported, dan have role models. While non wise people used self-immersed refl ection strategy, tended to be less able to overcome problems, focus on negativity, less in self-reflection,and regrets.

(My publication)Posted:Jun 30 2014, 11:00 AM by Riana Sahrani
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