On the High School Education of a Pithecanthropus Erectus

The High School Journal, Volume 98, Number 1, Fall 2014, pp. 5-21

This article examines our modern ways of schooling youth in light of philosophic and personal narrative accounts of "the Dionysian" aspect -- a term the author uses to understand his own experiences and aspirations as a high school English teacher. Having articulated the meaning of this term, he goes on to point out how schools today are largely “anti-Dionysian” in character. Next, drawing upon the work of Plato alongside pop-cultural references, he offers readers some ideas about what value a truly "Dionysian education" might have, what it might look like at the high school level, and he discusses some of the problems with instituting such an education in schools today.

(My publication)Posted:Nov 01 2014, 01:00 AM by sdsteel
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