Can Scientific Method Help Us Create a Wiser World?

N. Dalal, A. Intezari & M. Heitz (eds.), Practical Wisdom in the Age of Technology: Insights, Issues and Questions for a New Millennium, available at

Nicholas Maxwell (2015) Two great problems of learning confront humanity: (1) learning about the universe, and about ourselves as a part of the universe, and (2) learning how to make progress towards as good a world as possible.  We solved the first problem when we created modern science in the 17th century, but we have not yet solved the second problem.  This puts us in a situation of unprecedented danger.  Modern science and technology enormously increase our power to act, but not our power to act wisely.  All our current global crises have arisen as a result.  What we need to do is learn from our solution to the first great problem of learning how to go about solving the second one.  Properly implemented, this idea leads to a new kind of inquiry rationally devoted to helping humanity make progress towards as good a world as possible.

(My publication)Posted:Jan 01 2015, 12:00 AM by NickMaxwell
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