“Reading H. Richard Niebuhr through Aristotelian Lenses: Pointers toward a Christian Practical Reason,”

Perspectives in Religious Studies 43 (No. 2, Fall 2016):241-254.

John Howard Yoder, in his critique of Christ and Culture, argues that Niebuhr’s refusal to say that there is one right way for “Christ” to relate to “Culture” represents a failure of Christian conviction and a capitulation to relativism. I argue that Niebuhr’s conclusion to Christ and Culture is better seen as a semi-formed call for Christians to exercise practical wisdom, one consistent with Aristotle’s account of practical reason and the wider body of Niebuhr’s work. In making the case, I set out my understanding of Aristotle’s work, examine Niebuhr’s other writings and then return to place Christ and Culture in that context.

(My publication)Posted:Jul 31 2016, 11:00 PM by lewis_pa
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