Enriching Ethical Leadership in Higher Education as Advanced Learning

Janfada, M. (2017). Enriching Ethical Leadership in Higher Education as Advanced Learning. Journal of Leadership Studies, 11(2), 57-59.

Abstract: The current paper will discuss the pedagogical affordances of an “Ethical Leadership” subject as a part of an Advanced Learning and Leadership program at the University of Melbourne tailored for doctoral candidates and early career academics. Informed by Aristotelian framework in cultivating theoretical and practical wisdom among adult learners, this subject delves into different principles and values in achieving ethical leadership. Higher degree researchers learn about different leadership perspectives, power of self-leadership, leadership in opposition, leading change, as well as wisdom and failure in leadership through mixed mode of activities, lectures, and performing seminars. Importantly, they will be equipped to understand and envisage more ethical ways of leadership in their own research journey as well as future academic life. Selected, thought-provoking ideas from both local and international candidates, undertaking that course will be discussed to provide promising implications for future leadership pedagogy and research.

Read the article: Janfada, M. (2017). Enriching ethical leadership in higher education as advanced learning. Journal of Leadership Studies, 11(2), 57-59.

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