US Humanitarian Intervention Decisions – A Two-Level Game?

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US Humanitarian Intervention Decisions – A Two-Level Game? American political leaders respond selectively on humanitarian crisis, considering stronger reactions at some times and places than others and determining the rate and relevance of humanitarian intervention. Serbia’s oppression in Kosovo triggered off US humanitarian intervention, but Russia’s oppression in Chechnya did not. This study examines why the United States take certain strategic choices bound up in the ways humanitarian intervention decisions are initially framed: the ways interests affect interactions, interactions affect relevant actors, and institutions influence the outcome of interactions in two-level games. The study explores the consequences of thinking through political and institutional constraints and different incentives interpret crises and form responses at two different levels: at the level of domestic politics in the United States that is considering intervening or not intervening and at the international level of international institutions – usually by the UN Security Council. Further, it suggests extensions of the ways researchers in numerous studies have demonstrated one way (domestic politics) or another (international institutions). The study concludes by examining the process of making US humanitarian intervention policy and some of the reasons the two-level games played at the same time at the domestic and the international level and the ways veto players–president, House, Senate, bureaucracy–determine the political and institutional choice of humanitarian intervention as a foreign policy instrument. What are your thoughts about this research idea and should it be continued? I am very grateful about every advice or expert knowledge.

(My publication)Posted:Dec 31 2017, 05:00 PM by Ars62Vivendi
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