Mystics' Consciousness

Krumpos, R.

The essence of mystics’ consciousness is suprarational, beyond reason, logic or images. It cannot be explained by rational thought, although we keep trying to do so. Mystics unite with eternal Reality which is; mysticism speculates on what, how or why it is.

Mystics’ consciousness in divine oneness, viewed from various historical, cultural and personal perspectives, have occurred with different frequencies, degrees of realization and durations. This can help to explain the diversity in expressions or reports of that spiritual awareness. The Reality is the same, but absorption in it may differ. That is true for each mystic, as well as between mystics.

Spiritual knowing, mystical gnosis, is complete intuitive insight. It combines the very definition of all three words. Complete: “The entirety needed for realization; consummate.” Intuitive: “Knowing something without rational processes; the immediate cognition of it.” Insight: “Discernment of the true nature of a situation; the penetration beyond the reach of the senses.” Complete intuitive insight precedes divine unity and usually follows it. Union with the divine, however, transcends knower, known and knowing; it is to be at one with the divine essence.

Some feelings seem common to many mystics when on the verge of divine union. These are symbolic expressions, not of one person, and are felt simultaneously. The radiance of endless Love dissolved conflicts of the exterior world. Absolute Truth in intuitive insight replaced knowing through images and words. Ultimate Reality absorbed them and illusions of separate realities disappeared. The bliss of Oneness surpassed all the pleasures in earthly multiplicity.

“It is a condition of consciousness in which feelings are fused, ideas melt into one another, boundaries are broken, and ordinary distinctions transcended. Past and present fade away into a sense of timeless being. Consciousness and being are not different from each other. In this fullness of felt life and freedom, the distinction of the knower and known disappears. The privacy of the individual self is broken into and invaded by a universal self which the individual feels as his own. The experience itself is felt to be sufficient and complete. It does not come in fragmentary or truncated form demanding completion by something else. It does not look beyond itself for meaning or validity.”  Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan  H

“Satori may be defined as an intuitive looking into the nature of things in contradistinction to the analytical or logical understanding of it. Practically, it means the unfolding of a new world heretofore unperceived in the confusion of a dualistically trained mind. ...all its opposites and contradictions are united and harmonized into a consistent organic whole. Satori can thus be had only through our once personally experiencing it.”  D.T. Suzuki  B 

“It is impossible [to write about it] because all things are interrelated. I can hardly open my mouth to speak without feeling as though the sea burst its dams and overflowed. How then shall I express what my soul has received? How can I set it down in a book?”  Isaac Luria (the Ari)  J

“All that the imagination can imagine and the reason conceive and understand in this life is not, and cannot be, a proximate means of union with God.”  St. John of the Cross  C

“The end of Sufism is total absorption in God…but in reality that is the beginning of the Sufi life, for those intuitions and other things which precede it are, so to speak, the porch by which they enter.”  Al-Ghazali  I

"The most beautiful and profound emotion we can experience is the sensation of the mystical. It is the sower of all true science. To know that what is impenetrable to us really exists, manifesting itself as the highest wisdom and most radiant beauty - which our dull faculties can comprehend only in their primitive form - this knowledge, this feeling, is at the center of all religion.”  Albert Einstein [he said that he was not a mystic]

The ultimate Reality of the divine One - its essence surpassing conception or perception - is absolute certainty for those absorbed in it. It had infused itself into every part of their being, confirming intuitive insight of, and increasing love for, the unity of all existence. Most mystics then returned to their limited human self, many of them greatly transformed, but a few did continue in this universal consciousness for all the remaining years of their mortal life.

A little of that eternal life should be integrated into a little of this life. If our spiritual insights are restricted to periods of meditation or contemplation, they might temporarily enlighten us, but they will not transform us. The perpetual mystics, who some call saints, have been completely transformed in every aspect of their being. They live in the divine every moment. Our learning must be incorporated into our being if we are to progress toward eternal oneness.

Deep meditation can result in the absence of any sense of self and other, which Hindus and Buddhists may call samadhi. Most mystics feel eternal union is assured when you give up ego self during this lifetime. Sufis say, “to die before one dies.” The Christian mystics call it “death to self.” Kabbalists refer to it as bittul ha-yesh, “annihilation of the desiring self.” Whenever there is no observing “self” then, in transpersonal actuality, there is no “other.” In self-less living, all is experienced as unity in essence. The greatest achievement in life is maintaining that realization.

Almost every person feels that their life is lacking in some way, although they are seldom able to define it. There always seems to be something missing. True mystics feel wholeness often. It is not a temporary absorption in divine union. Rather, it is identifying the divine essence as the ground of being itself. Living, for them, usually expands beyond their own immediate sentiments, thoughts and sensing.

(extracted from 14 pages of my ebook “The greatest achievement in life: Five traditions of mysticism”)

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