Developing Teachers’ Assessment Literacy: A Tapestry of Ideas and Inquiries

Co-authored with Koh, Kim, and DePass, Cecille. Brill Publishing

My contribution to this co-authored text on the broad topic of assessment concerns the troublesome relationship between educational assessment on the one hand, and wisdom-seeking on the other hand. In particular, I investigate, challenge, and offer some alternative approaches to the current focus on competencies and/or outcomes-based educational assessment in schools, and in BEd Teacher Training Programs in particular. My fundamental concern in this book is to ask the question, "How do we ensure that wisdom-seeking occupies the core of our efforts in schools while at the same time fulfilling the expectations of our educational taskmasters and authorities that competencies be developed and demonstrated?"

(My publication)Posted:Jun 01 2019, 01:00 AM by sdsteel
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