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  • Why Music Makes Our Brain Sing

    By Robert J. Zatorre and Valorie N. Salimpoor, The New York Times Music is not tangible. You can’t eat it, drink it or mate with it. It doesn’t protect against the rain, wind or cold. It doesn’t vanquish predators or mend broken bones. And yet humans have always prized music — or well beyond prized,...
     Posted by: brendah
  • Musical Wisdom: Teen Finds Patterns of Success Across Fields

    May 1, 2014 By Elena Ferrarin, Daily Herald Timothy Zhou, Age 17 Hometown: Bolingbrook School: Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy Who inspires you? Currently it's Mahatma Gandhi. I am working on a paper comparing him to Mao Zedong. What's on your iPod? I have Spotify on my phone. Pretty...
     Posted by: brendah
  • The Wisdom of Music Conference, Hawaii, USA, July 2014

    By Paul James, Open Knowledge Group Open Knowledge Group cordially invites members of the Wisdom Research Network to participate in a conference on the wisdom of music. In keeping with inclusion and open dialogue, music can be a powerful leveler, allowing people from all backgrounds and education to...
     Posted by: brendah
  • A Conversation With Aniruddh D. Patel, Exploring Music’s Hold on the Mind

    By Claudia Dreifus from The New York Times " Three years ago, when Oxford University Press published “Music, Language, and the Brain,” Oliver Sacks described it as “a major synthesis that will be indispensable to neuroscientists.” The author of that volume, Aniruddh D. Patel, a 44-year-old senior...
     Posted by: Cait
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  • Thoughts on Music and Wisdom

    By Berthold Hoeckner Last year a colleague asked me whether I thought that great composers were also wise people—an intriguing question that has been percolating ever since. After all, as a trained musicologist I have been involved in research on how such mental and somatic practices as diverse as mindfulness...
     Posted by: brendah
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