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  • How Disasters and Trauma Can Affect Children’s Empathy

    By Maia Szalavitz, Time Do children become more kind and empathetic after a disaster— or does the experience make them more focus more on self-preservation? The first study to examine the question in an experimental way shows that children’s reactions may depend on their age. The ability to study the...
     Posted by: brendah
  • Altruism vs. Selfishness

    by David Sloan Wilson The idea that evolution explains selfishness well and altruism poorly is starting to stink. Can we please bury it now? The conflict between altruism and selfishness, good and evil, is an eternal theme in religion and literature. It also threatens to be an eternal controversy in...
     Posted by: wattawa
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  • Intergenerational Interactions when Transmitting Wisdom from Older to Younger Generations (2016)

    Abstract : The purpose of this study was to examine the effects of young people’s reactions on changes in older people’s generativity when wisdom is transmitted to the younger people. Participants included 48 male adults aged 63–77 years. Each participant was assigned to either the “wisdom from experiences...
    (Something interesting I found) Posted by: jlmatelski
  • Secret wisdom: Spiritual intelligence in adolescents (2015)

    Abstract: Current models of spiritual development suggest that adolescents have limited capacity for spirituality and spiritual experiences. Adolescents are seen to have immature moral and ethical judgment and be incapable of deep spiritual experience due to lack of cognitive development. This mixed...
    (Something interesting I found) Posted by: brendah
  • Moralizing biology: The appeal and limits of the new compassionate view of nature (2013)

    Abstract: In recent years, a proliferation of books about empathy, cooperation and pro-social behaviours (Brooks, 2011a) has significantly influenced the discourse of the life-sciences and reversed consolidated views of nature as a place only for competition and aggression. In this article I describe...
    (Something interesting I found) Posted by: brendah
  • Compassion Training Alters Altruism and Neural Responses to Suffering (2013)

    Abstract: Compassion is a key motivator of altruistic behavior, but little is known about individuals’ capacity to cultivate compassion through training. We examined whether compassion may be systematically trained by testing whether (a) short-term compassion training increases altruistic behavior and...
    (Something interesting I found) Posted by: brendah
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